Saturday, August 27, 2011

For All Those Out There Who Love Reading Just as Much as I Do...

Well, this blog is going to be about (can you guess?) books. I'm such a nerd if you haven't gathered that already. I LOVE to read. I read pretty much every single day, every opportunity I get. I also love to write.

I'm taking an AP Language-Composition class this year, and I'm so excited! My teacher seems like she's a nerd just like me: loves words, writing, the art of how a sentence is phrased, reading; I could go on and on.

So this has brought me to create a blog just for books. On here I'll post after I've read a book, what I thought about it, and whether I recommend it or not. Also, if any of you have any book suggestions for me, you can comment or shoot me an email, and hopefully you'll see a post on that book soon.

So I hope you all enjoy reading this, and hopefully you find at least one good book to read.


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