Thursday, February 16, 2012


Well, I have a stealer suggestion for all you fellow lovers of literature!

I'm assuming that because we all like to read, this entails that we all love buying books as well. And what could be better than finding quality books for a killer price?

Of course, this bargain store came as a recommendation from my fellow mute author, Kelsey (mute because she never posts on here -- not a literal mute). And some of you may have heard of this place before. See, I've been to said store many times, but never once thought of buying books there until Kelsey told me all the awesome books she found.

Stealer Book Store? D.I. (Deseret Industries)

They have tons of awesome books all in a fairly good condition or even practically new, and for really cheap! I haven't found one over five dollars. In fact, I think the most expensive was $4.00, and the cheapest was$0.75. I know. Such a great deal!

You can look up the location nearest you on the internet, and I hope you find some awesome books!

Happy Book Shopping!


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