Monday, January 9, 2012


Well, I have officially become hooked to my Kindle.

Now don't hold your breath or scorn me for joining the dark side -- I still love and always will  love an actual, tangible book that I can hold in my hand, smell, and write in -- basically enjoy the way any classic book should be enjoyed.

BUT, I do enjoy my Kindle. It's very handy for taking up hardly any space at all, but being able to hold thousands of words for you to devour anywhere, anytime. I love it! Other readers who have a thirst for a new story, new ideas, new friends, new words, and new authors would love it too! I can take my Kindle to school with me everyday, and it doesn't even take up that much space. It's thin, lightweight, and from all the books I have on there, I wouldn't be able to lug my backpack around with me all day every day with all that reading material. It would be simply disastrous.

So, I'm all for my Kindle. It's not a Kindle Fire, just your basic Kindle that they originally came out with. It's not too complicated and I really enjoy it! I can upload books at any Wi-Fi location, and be reading it a minute later. I don't have to wait a week for my book to come to the mail. Honestly, it's heavenly.

Don't go thinking I've suddenly become an advertisor and promoter for Amazon -- I haven't. But I really do like my Kindle and I'm telling you all I think it's worth a shot. So don't hate on the electronic technology, because it has its advantages.

I hope you are all having a wonderful 2012 so far, and I challenge you all to read as many books as possible before December 21 -- after all, the Mayans said the world is ending this year. ;)


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